Wednesday, July 22, 2009

J.Jayasree , LKG "D" section.

Two side hair that looks like bushes tied up with black ribbons and a flower like knot on it. A hair band for the sake for wearing a hair band which was bought by refusing to move from the shop unless dad bought it

Little kajal in the bigg bright loving eyes cute nice earrings and wearing collar buttons to choke the neck with a hand kerchief pinned up on the shirt.

Beautiful bright shoes trying to keep up with the elders and those eyes wandering all over...looking at everything with wonder

Those cute hands holding those bigg hands and walking suddenly stopping to look at a beautiful butterfly....only to be tugged on by the the bigg hand

Carrying a square shapped biggggggggg bag with 3 books and one pencil box
and lot of stuff that are extremely precious like the leaf that fell from the tree that is there in front of the school , a crow feather as crows are precious and are among the rare species and a yummy small piece of bulpum.

Eagerly looking at the school gate...waiting to get to the friends and the teachers...
Running inside once at the gate... looking back towards the gate in last minute before entering the school building.

Entering that hugee door to the school.... eager to find some familiar faces of friends and teachers... that shy smile on the face when you 1st spot your fav teacher walking towards you

A chocolate wrapper with a silver foil made into a beautiful ring and stored safely in the box

The flowers made from pencil shavings... saved safely inside the pencil box
Those sharp pencils.... check them again to verify that they sharp enough....
Sharpening the pencil just to see how long those flowers can be and getting scolding later at home for reducing the pencil to a ridiculously small size in a single day!
Making sure that that yours should be the sharpest in the whole class... you can see the gleaming tip of the pencil wink back at you

Clean the white eraser... there should be no marks... it should be gleaming white.... write the date neatly on top of the book...underline that and sit with a glow anticipating an appreciation from the teacher

Wait for the lunch bell to ring and runnnn to find the best place near ur friends
That wait before the lunch bell rings.... all hungry... wondering what mom made for lunch... wondering what your friends bought for lunch....
Put on that clean napkin on your lap... and the aroma in the room of all open tiffin boxes
wow mango.... the look on your friends faces when they see the mango in your box.... After all you are only one to have 9 pieces of them!
Those lovely stories to tell during lunch... that exciting stories... so much to say so much to laugh

And sighhhh the bell is rang again…………………………….
The child has grown the dream lingers....

A chat Transcript! shhhhh dont tell my bosssss :)

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kartin said...

eraser cleans.. but cleaning the eraser is something only kids do...

nice nostalgia!!