Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Still Learning..

This Saturday i had been to swanthana. There were a lot of kids . The cute little ones whose smile is worth millions. These girls are abandoned by their parents for multiple reasons. They are challenged in many ways by the creator. I went there just to spend some time however i happen to learn something which will be a leason for me for my life.

As soon as i entered there was girl who came running towards me shouting "akkkaaaa !!!" , she tried to show me something written in a paper. I could only read what was written in that paper and not what was there in her beautiful mind. I was received like i was known to them from ages. I met the sister had a word with her and came back to the hall where each one of them had a place in some corner . They were trying to grab my attention by loudly smiling , doing some action and waving hands towards me. And few were smart enough to move their wheel chair slowly towards me and didn want to wait for me to look at them. Everyone tried to convey some information to me from the world in which they live. All that i could understand was that they were really very happy to find someone to hear.

We kept chit chatting . They were talking something that i didn understand and i was also talking something which i am sure they might not have understood. But we were in a plane of thoughts and we could read each others mind. We may not have followed what was being said but the unsaid was quite clear to us.

Someone wanted my bright green bangle and someone was already dancing with my kalamkari printed dupatta. Suddenly some noise made me turn and i saw hema had slipped down from her special cycle. She is a 4 year old girl who cannot speak or hear and also mentally challenged. She took some time to realise that she was facing the sky with her legs were raised above her knees. Immediately she started crying aloud. I ran towards her , took her into my arms and was trying to tell her that nothing much happened. I myself was a bit scared as i did not understand how to console her. Now she started to cry in intervals . Sleeping for sometime suddenly getting up and crying and slowing closing her eye lids and again going back to sleep.

After sometime she woke up and when she became really silent i was very happy . Now suddenly something irked me so badly in my left arm and i screamed in pain. It was so sudden that tears started rolling out of my eyes. May be because of the shock or pain i don't know. I could see that it was hema who bit me and she went back to sleep in the same arms very peacefully.

For a moment i didn know how to react. I was helpless and was left clueless why did she do that to me. However i could not react in anyway because i know her state. This dragged me into thoughts for the rest of the week. Most of the time i expect people to react to me in a specific way for various reasons. I break my heads thinking why cant they be good to me for all that i have done to them. Hema thought me an answer that day. She actually thought me an important lesson for my lesson for life which i would have never learnt otherwise.

Each one has reason to react in their own way. Its left to us as to how we want to take it and proceed. We can over react, discontinue their relationship , scold , remain calm , try to become god etc.,

What we still cannot do is to expect some one to be ideally a person whom we have imagined in our minds. Thanks a lot da hema kutty i will never forget you in my life.

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