Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tanjore painting

I Cant exactly remember when did i see the first tanjore painting . I have a great fascination and liking for them. The bright colours , sharp features , embossed with gold and semi precious stones . . . . they just appeal to all my asthetic senses of beauty.

I think this liking should have got built over a period of time. The images of the hindu temples like thiruveeteswaran kovil , parthasarathy kovil etc surrounding my house should have created this love for tanjore paintings in me. Infact its the first thing that strikes to my mind when i think of buying a gift to some one. The rasi handloom shop in mylapore is one place which can be visited just for the great fragrance it has. It also showcases few wonderful tanjore paintings . Mostly the very regular classical ones.

I always imagine a house which has a dark brown well crafted wooden furniture in the hall . A beautiful "Unjal" with elephants on the golden chain on the four sides holding it placed in the center.

White walls with huge tanjore painiting in the center . Some green plants at the side. Sum total all that i want to say is i loveeeeeeeeeee tanjore paintings :)

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