Sunday, March 1, 2009

Awarded Moments!

Sometimes we do not really except anything for the work we do. Not something tangible at least.
For instance the social works that i associate myself with. But when there is a recognition for such efforts it feels great. It happened to me recently when the NGO with which i work chose me as one of the action board members and awarded me for my contributions so far. It was a tressurable moment as i went to receive the award with my mom. I was feeling great!! I think that what ever i have done so far is nothing much, really. I am not trying to be humble here, truly  there is scope to do lot more with the bandwidth i have. I hope with time i shall be able to do my part to the society in a bigger and better way. For now its one of my happiest moments and i am feeling exceptionally overwhelmed by this gesture of acknowledgement. With no comparison what so ever its time for me to say "Ella pugazhum iraivanukke!!"  :)

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Ramya said...

Congrats Machi. and let ur dreams come true :)